How to make a metal whirligig

Photo by: Bob Farley. Turning found objects into garden art is a good way to keep things that may still be useful out of landfills. If you have a habit of collecting cast-off objects from local thrift stores or unique doodads from yard sales, you probably have on hand all of the materials for making a bicycle-wheel whirligig. I just remember thinking they might come in handy someday. The idea of what to make with them finally came to me when I attended a bird-banding event in Fort Morgan, Alabama.

Photo by: Michelle Reynolds. Under the shade of a tent at the bird weigh station, there it was, a red-painted bicycle wheel attached to a stand made of metal conduit.

It was the coolest little contraption outfitted with hooks around the edges of the wheel, and hanging from the hooks, birds in little drawstring bags. Ecologists Eric Soehren and Scott Rush were working the station.

Turning the wheel to the next bird in the queue, lifting a bag off a hook, removing the bird from the bag, measuring its vital statistics, banding a leg, then releasing the bird in view of enamored onlookers. It was apparent that the bird wheel helped the guys process the birds faster. Photo by: Eric Soehren. The data is important for analyzing and understanding patterns and trends affecting bird migration. With the resurrection of the banding event, the annual survey continues, and with it, so does the shared information between partners and agencies, the encouragement to up-and-coming ornithologists, the enthusiasm among participants, citizen scientists and spectators.

Gathering the objects was easy. I had the cups, nuts and bolts, a threaded metal rod and a coupling piece. I just didn't have the bicycle wheel. But all I had to do was mention my project to my artsy scientist friend, Malia, and she came through.

how to make a metal whirligig

The objects can vary. Instead of a threaded rod, there are other ways of making the base. It needs to be sturdy, and the coupling needs to accommodate the wheel's axle but it doesn't have to fix to it exactly. It's okay to have some extra room in the coupling because if the wheel is not completely balanced, or the post is off kilter, the axle will find its sweet spot and balance itself. For the wind catchers, you can use funnels, egg poaching cups, spatulas, soup ladles, tuna cans, metal or plastic mugs or snipped license plates.

Prepping the project involves drilling holes through the cups and the wheel.Whirligigs "When Pigs Fly" Whirligig Plan This whirligig of the portly pink pork variety proves anything is possible - pigs can fly!

All patt As weather vane, the airplane turns into the wind, and as a whirligi To build one 2-propeller whirligig, order one plan, on To build one 4-propeller whirligig, order one plan, on A6M Zero Plan This airplane does double duty. Airplane Whirligig Plans These airplanes do double duty.

As weather vanes, the airplanes turn into the wind, and as whirligi Animated Whirligig Plans Unique whirligig designs for your yard or garden. Projects measure a One of three well-known fish from our Fresh Wate BF Plan This airplane does double duty. Canary Whirligig Plan Brighten up your yard with this bright yellow canary whirligig.

Show the kids how to make one themse Cardinal Whirligig Plan Brighten up your yard or garden with this bright red cardinal whirligig. Quick and easy project to m Center Shaft Whirligigs Center shaft rotation creates an exceptionally realistic effect. To build three projects, order a p Dragonfly Whirligig Plan Dragonflies are valued as predators because they eat harmful insects like mosquitoes.

This colorful Eagle Whirligig Plan The always impressive Eagle will make a great addition to any yard. F4F Wildcat Plan This airplane does double duty. Flower Whirligig Plan This colorful jumbo flower spins in even a gentle breeze. Flower measures Fokker Dr. This German airplane played a p Insect Whirligig Plan These bigger-than-life insects average 12"L.

The wings spin smoothly on nylon bushings.A whirligig is a device with several fanning blades which can be placed in a wind current in order to create a spinning effect. A simple whirligig project can be completed by cutting a pair of empty soda cans to create both the body and the blades of the whirligig.

This is a simple craft, though one which should only be completed by an adult, as the edges of cut cans can be sharp. Cut the top off of the same soda can with the shears just below where the can first reaches its full width. Cut into the can with a vertical cut from the cut off edge to the bottom of the can, where the can starts to narrow at its base. Place the fanned can on the bolt by sliding the bolt through the hole in the bottom of the can until the fanned can is at the top of the bolt.

Tighten the nut around the bolt until it is near the can at the top of the bolt. Don't fully tighten the nut, or it will secure the can in place, preventing it from spinning.

You want the bolt as close to the can as possible without touching it. You can attach the second can to a large stake with the super glue to create a stand to allow the whirligig to be planted in your yard. Be careful when making the cuts, as well as careful with the edges of the cut can, as they can potentially be sharp and slice you if handled carelessly.

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How to Make Whirligigs From Coke Cans

Poke a hole in the bottom of one of the empty soda cans with the awl. Repeat the cut from Step 3 to create six to eight strips, to your own aesthetic preference. Fold the strips out at a ninety degree angle from the bottom of the can.

Apply super glue to the bottom of the bolt, and secure it to the bottom of the second can.Last Updated: June 6, References Tested. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. There are 12 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

The wikiHow Video Team also followed the article's instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 17, times. Learn more Whirligigs are fun and timeless toys.

These craft activities are quick and easy, and only require basic materials.

how to make a metal whirligig

To make the circle whirligig; cut out a circle whirligig, thread it with string, and then enjoy watching the colourful patterns as it spins round. If you want to make a whirligig swirl, cut a circle piece of paper into a spiral and attach string to the middle of the swirl. Pull the string up and down to enjoy the way that the patterns move. To make a whirligig, draw 2 circles on a piece of paper that are about 6 inches in diameter. Once you have your circles drawn, grab some markers or colored pencils and fill them in with your favorite colors.

Keep in mind that these colors are going to blend together when the whirligig spins, so try color combinations, like blue and red, to make purple. Next, glue 1 of the circles onto a thick piece of cardboard and cut it out, then glue the remaining circle to the other side.

Once everything is dry, use a skewer to poke 2 holes in the middle of the whirligig about a half an inch apart. Finally, cut a piece of string that is 36 inches long and thread it through the holes to create a loop and knot the ends.

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Fabricating metal whirligigs with my retired millwright father-in-law

No account yet?These happy birds with happy feet are dancing on air whenever the wind blows. Handcrafted Spikey Bird Whirligigs are great decorations to add excitement to your yard. Vibrant color …. Our whirligigs are whimsical outdoor accents for your yard and garden. We sell woodworking plans, projects with full instructions and specialty hardware and kits for some of our woodworking plans. We also sell vintage and recycled plans and patterns.

Measures 24 x 20 inches. Shop garden accents. Hummingbird Whirligig is wind powered and moves with the slightest breeze. Metal sculpture features a hovering sprite feeding at trumpet flower with dragonfly.

When wind moves the propeller, hummingbird dips into the flowers to feed. The slightest breeze sends kinetic art whirligigs into a flurry of motion. Even when still, these hand made garden sculptures add a touch of whimsy to your landscape. Powder undercoating ensures durability to withstand the elements for many seasons of use and…. John Bambic. Woodpecker Whirligig. Premier's WhirliGigs capture all the fun of this traditional American wind decoration.

Compared to metal or wooden devices, the durable SunTex TM fabric wings spin in lower breezes. A host of humorou.Whirligigs are amazing, unique and playful yard decorations that spins or whirls, or have at least one member that spins or whirls. Whirligigs make wonderful gifts and beautiful handmade garden decorations that add fun to front yard landscaping, gardens and backyard designs, especially in fall and winter.

how to make a metal whirligig

Whirligigs, known as pinwheels, buzzers, comic weather vanes, gee-haws, spinners or whirlybirds, are great crafts ideas for kids and adults. Simple or complicated, these outdoor home decorations help recycle and encourage experiment while adding unique accents to backyard designs.

Whirligigs are most commonly powered by the wind but can be hand or friction powered or even powered by a motor. They can be used as kinetic garden ornaments and yard decorations. They can be designed to transmit sound and vibration into the ground to repel burrowing rodents in front yards, gardens and backyards.

How to Make a Wooden Wind Spinner or Whirligig with Your Glowforge (Tutorial)

A weather vane or weathercock is an instrument for showing the direction of the wind. They are typically used as architectural ornaments on the highest points of historic building, for gazebo roof, balcony or fence decorating.

Metal Whirligigs

Functional and unique, weather vanes are very decorative and attractive items for building roofs and backyard designs. Traditional cockerel designs with letters indicating the points of the compass look charming and beautiful. Other common motifs include ships, arrows and horses. There are so many wonderful themes for making these outdoor decorations.

Whirligig craft ideas include whimsical and traditional designs, funny characters and recycled crafts that offer eco friendly outdoor home decor and beautify backyard designs in contemporary eco style. Painted rocks for artistic backyard designs, 40 cute rockpainting ideas. Recycling old chairs and benches for blooming yard decorations. Recycling clutter and useless items, metal, wood, plastic and fabric pieces, cans and containers for these surprising yard decorations offers creative and eco friendly craft ideas for kids and adults.

A premier wind-driven event in Shelburne, Canada is a great way to see creative, colorful and amazing whirligig and weather vane designs made by kids and adults. Here is a collection of handmade whirligigs and weather vanes that give great inspirations for craft ideas which help teach kids new skills while adding unique and interesting details to backyard designs. Fall leaves yard decorations and cleanup ideas preparing lawns for winter. Creative handmade yard decorations, 20 recycling ideas for backyard designs.

This craft festival is guaranteed to be a family pleasing event that invites people to enjoy some of the most inventive, original, creative, wacky and humorous inventions on the continent.

Modern decorating ideas, patterns, furniture and home decor accessories, inspired by pear shape, symbolize warm and welcoming homes.My aermotor windmill si making some progress. Folk art whirligigs fashioned from scraps of wood and metal have been popular for hundreds of years. In fact, George Washington bought some for his grandchildren during his trip back to Mt.

Vernon after winning the Revolutionary War. You, too, can build this marching, spinning red-white-and-blue whirligig. A realistic whirligig of a weightlifter doing a lift. Puedes apoyarme y ayudarme a seguir desarrollando proyectos. Premier's WhirliGigs capture all the fun of this traditional American wind decoration. Compared to metal or wooden devices, the durable SunTex TM fabric wings spin in lower breezes.

A host of humorous themes will liven up any yard or garden. Large size, big movement and ease of assembly are the hallmarks of the Premie. A traditionally styled hand carved whirligig. The proverb on the rudder reads, " A whistling girl and a crowing hen are neither fit for God nor men". This post will show one method for cutting the diagonal slots in a whirligig center hub. This can be a difficult cut to make so I wan What fun watching this long-legged pair on their lily pad as they teeter-totter tirelessly in the wind!

Full-size patterns explains everything, step-by-step, from cutting and assembly to painting. Whirligig hardware parts kit is also included. The hardware parts kit includes a brass driveshaft, nuts, washers, brass drive wire, and screw eye, plus the specialty plastic hardware for the jointed legs. Paint with DecoArt Patio Paint to provide a durable, outdoor finish….

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